Visual merchandising is important on many levels, not only does it engage and inspire shoppers to visit your store, but it also develops and maintains your brand image.

Achieving a good brand image is developed over time and your store network is key in maintaining this image. Having set expectations for all your locations to deliver, such as store displays, brochure layout and point of sale standards, gives you an image that you want your customers to see.  Customers feel confident when they walk into an outlet that they recognise and are instantly relaxed and assured, in turn this leads to increased sales and repeat business.

What happens to the locations that might not follow the company’s brand standards?

Stores that do not comply with your brand standards may suffer with lower sales and eventually less repeat business.

Audit Nationwide works with some of the world’s most recognised brands to monitor and maintain brand standards. By working with you to build a programme bespoke to your brand’s needs, our specialised team of auditors will spot the lower standards, providing you with photographic evidence to discuss improvements.

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