As we continue to enjoy global travel, shopping at the airport is still a popular retail trend, offering money-saving benefits, convenience and an expanding range of shops. This is an opportunity for retailers to embrace shoppers looking for something different from a regular retail experience, capturing the shoppers’ interest and utilising mobile technology to drive sales and extend the retail experience.

So far this year Heathrow has seen an increased retail income of 8.8% in Q1 2017, the luxury retail redevelopment at terminal four, revealed by DFNIonline last October, has contributed to strong growth in the airport’s commercial business.


“Due to Brexit in particular, duty-free has performed extremely well; that was a big tailwind for us for the second half of the year,” London Heathrow airport Retail and Digital director Chris Annetts


There is nothing more annoying than “that something” that is out of place and detracts from a customer’s experience when visiting a retail store. Travelling customers have high expectations in your brand, a housekeeping issue could detract from that.


General housekeeping is crucial to the professional projection of your brand and should be audited on a regular basis.


Audit Nationwide work with many of the world’s most recognised brands within a range sectors. Our experts will integrate within your brand to develop and provide a bespoke service to meet your requirements.

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