Think of the most recognisable brands in the world.

A half-eaten apple might pop to mind.
A twin-tailed siren?
A large yellow M?

You, the consumer, have learned to recognise these brands not because of the iconography itself, but because of its consistency. Wherever you go in the world, every McDonald’s restaurant will be accompanied by their key brand signifiers; the Golden Arches, the red and yellow colour palette, and yes, even Ronald.

There are over 240 Starbucks Coffeehouses across the borough of Manhattan in New York City alone. Everyone of them adheres to the same brand guidelines; the same number of espresso shots go into every Venti-sized Latte and the same hexadecimal colour code (#036635) is used in its coffeehouses for their distinctive shade of green. It’s entirely consistent, from one outlet to the next, all over the world.

A snazzy logo or a catchy jingle is all well and good, but building a memorable brand is achieved through consistency, and this is achieved through the adherence of brand standards.

Brand standards are the rules and guidelines for your brand. These guidelines are used to regulate the look and feel of your company’s identity, from its colour palette, font and logo to the choice of keywords, tone and grammar. The strictness of a brand’s guidelines will vary depending on the individual company, though it is important that they are defined clearly enough to keep the brand consistent by everyone involved within your company.

By adhering to these brand guidelines, your company can develop a consistent identity across all forms of media platforms and marketing materials, whether print, broadcast, or internet based. This consistency will strengthen your company’s identity and image, which develops a sense of reliability and trust within the consumer. Brand trust and recognition are key components in consumer behaviour and within the decision-making process, which can result in brand loyalty and repeat custom.

The importance of brand standards cannot be understated and an inconsistent brand identity can impart a negative impression on the consumer. A lack of visual consistency looks unprofessional and can gravely impact consumer perception. This can jeopardise your brand’s integrity and put the authenticity of your company in question.

And if consumers cannot trust your brand, they will simply take their business elsewhere.

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