Food ratings are so highly publicised these days, receiving a zero food-hygiene rating doesn’t just immediately impact you – there are more serious long term implications. Lots of time and money needs to be invested to swiftly turn that zero rating in to a five star; including improving kitchen standards, new equipment, or fixing equipment breakdowns and staff training. Even when the issues have been swiftly rectified, you receive a clean bill of health and regain the respected five star rating; the zero score will haunt you from the internet, social media and within the local community.

While we all know that the unexpected can happen, we all have those bad days where the walk in fridge breaks, or the sink is clogged and over flowing onto the floor, but the public need to know and be assured that this doesn’t affect the safety of their food.

Regular kitchen audits can help aid your kitchen teams in improving the standard of hygiene and ensure higher management know of any issues that may cause concern. Using an external agency such as Audit Nationwide, to complete regular kitchen audits, adds further credibility to the process and as an impartial observer, will spot things that you might miss on a day-to-day basis. Regional Support Teams work hard to ensure that hygiene and housekeeping are to a high standard, but their movements are generally known in advance and locations can, and will, plan deep cleans prior to their arrival. Our clients have found that standards improve significantly on a day to day basis when an auditor could walk through the door at any moment.



Audit Nationwide complete auditing programmes for many of the world’s most recognised brands monitoring brand standards, general housekeeping and cleanliness and much more.

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