Brand identities combine all aspects of your company such as your website, your employees and your locations, and link them to your products.
These factors directly affect the consumers’ perception of your products and services in the short and long term.  Customers feel reassured by strong brands as they are consistent, reliable and are well known with providing good quality items or services. Increasing the perception of your brand and directly improving your brand identity increases sales and improves customer retention.

But what happens if your brand identity suffers?

“Allowing your brand to deteriorate, or failing to update your brand in response to new environment factors like changing demographics or new products, is a major mistake that can cost you your loyal customers and prevent you from finding new ones.” Jayson DeMers 

A brand identity and standards audit will help you to identify your current position and highlight strengths and weaknesses. This allows you to restructure your brand where necessary, to produce consistent and better results.

Audit Nationwide can work with you to create a bespoke Auditing programme to measure brand standard compliance and improve brand identity. By monitoring your brand identity on a regular basis, our Auditing Specialists can provide detailed insight and identify areas of improvement.


Audit Nationwide has 25 years’ experience in creating bespoke Audit, Housekeeping and Brand Compliance programmes.

Audit Nationwide

*To read the full blog written by Jayson DeMers please click here 


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