Travellers’ hotel expectations vary according to your star rating. The lower the star rating – the more ‘standard’ requirements are expected. Factors such as your own shower/bath facilities, value for money and a comfortable bed are valued higher than service and location. As the star ratings increase, so does your customer’s needs.

According to, the following are some of the basic hotel requirements you’d expect during your stay:

  • A “clean, clean and spotlessly clean” room.
  • Beds with a firm mattress that doesn’t sag and duvets that aren’t threadbare.
  • A selection of pillows.
  • Good lighting.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • A television.
  • Variety of sustenance basics.


How does your hotel monitor these Standard Operating Procedures?


Are you confident that your hotel rooms are fully cleaned each day? Housekeeping teams have a small window to ensure that rooms are compliant and up to standard.  How can you be assured that they are not cutting corners?


Audit Nationwide can create a bespoke Auditing programme to ensure your SOPs are in place. By monitoring these on a regular basis, our Hospitality Auditing Specialists can provide detailed insight and identify areas of improvement.


To find out more follow this link ( to the website or contact us on 02392 852 914 to find out more.

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