An audit is an official inspection or investigation into a business’ mandatory brand standards. Each audit differs in length and content depending on the industry and the specific client requirements.

Auditing gives you an insight into your networks adherence to your brand standards. This enables you to see what variation of compliance your network has and identifies areas of improvement. Auditing also gets your network more involved in your brand image and brand standards. It helps educate your teams and network on your company ethos.

Where there are standards implemented that need to be upheld, auditing is essential. Regardless of industry: Retail, Automotive, Property, Leisure – we can ensure that wherever compliance is key, compliance is maintained.

For one of our clients where we were providing a standards auditing programme, they had a 43% compliance rate during their networks first audits. After only 6 months of conducting their audit programme, this rose to an 88% compliance rate to their brand standards.

We have an online results platform called AuditInsight that has been specifically developed by our in-house IT team. Here you can step back and review your entire networks audit results and you are also able to compare your networks zones, districts and even individual sites. A dashboard is included on this platform to give you an overview of your access level.

Different audits have a large variation in timescales. A small audit that requires a quick check of some point of sale and pricing displays could take 20 minutes. A large supermarket would require a large review that would require auditing products, layouts, health and safety articles, back of house, housekeeping and signage. This could take an entire day.

Yes, you can. All results are able to be downloaded into word or excel formats from our website. You can also print your results directly from the website.

We implement a helpdesk service for you or your network to get in touch with us directly and discuss your audit. All queries will be responded to within 48 hours of being received by our helpdesk.