I do a lot of that, we are the best people to decide if a business looks and feels right, by we I mean you, I mean all of us as customers. Many of us do it all the time, we are all experts at it.

How often do we think, this looks like a Charity shop, and sometimes when you visit a Charity shop you might think “This doesn’t look and feel like a Charity shop”, that doesn’t happen by chance.

You could visit a number of the same brand stores and they feel and look totally different, why is that? What do we expect when we visit certain up-market brands? “A high level of consistency”, I do!

I live in an area that is a popular tourist location, when I drive down a certain road I see plastic bottles, paper, fast-food packaging etc. on the verge. Bearing in mind this road is miles away from any shops or restaurants, how does it get there? People, people who don’t care!

The other day a team of people were clearing it, that’s good I thought, someone is thinking about housekeeping, branding and the positioning of our brand and the image we give to our visitors.

What would they say to their friends if the rubbish stayed there, would they encourage or discourage others to visit our very scenic area? That’s branding, housekeeping and someone has audited and highlighted the fact that things need to change. Good, yes!

I am forever looking and reviewing everything in my business; we don’t have many locations, so it’s easy for us to make sure our clients see our high standards and professional image when they visit us.

How do companies with multiple locations manage? I bet most senior managers when visiting their branches find anomalies in presentation, housekeeping and find there are many brand guideline compliance issues.

Branding, corporate positioning and good housekeeping does vary. And it shouldn’t. In this very competitive environment, how we look and feel to our customers is crucial. Standards Auditing is crucial.

Talk to one of our Account Directors and see how our Audit Nationwide team can assist with your compliance Audit requirements.

Nigel Cook | Founder & CEO

Douglas Stafford Limited | Audit Nationwide is a brand of Douglas Stafford Limited


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