The CIPS Sustainability Index rates businesses on their impact on the global or local environment, community, society or economy, by assessing three ‘pillars’ of criteria, which are social, economic and environmental.

The Social Pillar embraces sustainability in the key areas of Employment Practice, Corporate Citizenship/Philanthropy, People Management and Development, Human Rights Compliance and Social Factors within the Supply Chain. To evaluate Douglas Stafford’s compliance in this area, the CIPS Sustainability Index uses a series of questions, targeted by business sector and organisation size. We are happy to announce that we score 86% in this area, compared to the CSI Supplier average of 71%.

The Economic Pillar is where the CIPS Sustainability Index adds a significant overview, as it is becoming more important to demonstrate stable economic credentials. This pillar embraces key areas including Corporate Governance, Financial Robustness, Innovation Capacity along with Business Integrity and Ethics. In this area, Douglas Stafford provided answers and evidence to be awarded 93% economic sustainability, compare to the CIPS Supplier average of 81%.

The third and final section is the Environmental Pillar. Environmental sustainability has been at the forefront of most companies and individuals minds with debates on climate change, and rather than having the need to change our ways to meet legislation it is more a case of companies and individuals wanting to change our ways to improve environmental sustainability. Key areas that the Environmental Pillar embraces are Environmental Management, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy Consumption, Waste Management, Water Management, Sustainable Sourcing and Materials and Resource Utilisation. Douglas Stafford are very proud to have been awarded 100% in this area, compared to the CIPS Supplier average of 73%.

As a supplier of bespoke customer insight programmes such as evidence-based mystery shopping, customer connect programmes, auditing and training, you can be assured of our social, economic and environmental responsibilities.

Douglas Stafford has been working with many of the world’s most recognised brands for over 27 years. Our consultants can work with you to develop a customer experience initiative that will improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.

To find out more or to book an appointment with one of our Customer Experience Consultants, please call 02392 852 914.


Please click here to view our CIPS Sustainability Index certificate.

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