Traditionally many people travel straight to a car dealership when they are ready to make a purchase, and whilst this has been convenient in the past, this is starting to become outdated and perhaps inconvenient with the increasing use of pop-up shops.

The way we buy cars is changing, with some manufacturers admitting that visitors to showrooms are declining. The use of pop-up shops is ever increasing, with some manufacturers such as Hyundai and Mercedes-Benz welcoming nearly 200,000 customers each year with many of these visitors new to the brand.

Whilst pop-ups have a certain appeal and spread the brand into newer markets, dealerships still hold a certain appeal to get a full feel of the car. Most pop-up shops don’t offer a test drive facility and if they do, the choice of test drive and vehicle will be more limited whilst dealerships continue to offer a wide range of demonstrators.

Ensuring the test drive and demonstrator is to the highest standard will enable dealerships to provide a more tailored experience that their newer pop-up competitors can’t provide.

To do this dealerships need to ensure that the demonstrator:

  • is clean and presentable inside and out
  • has no obvious scratches or dents
  • that all the internal and external lights are working
  • that the fuel tank has enough fuel for a test drive and has no warning lights when it is turned on

Audit Nationwide provide a bespoke auditing service that can evaluate housekeeping and brand standards. Completing regular standards audits provides you with valuable information on what your customers are seeing. A fresh pair of eyes often highlights areas of non-compliance that your dealership teams can often miss.

Audit Nationwide can work with you to create a bespoke Auditing programme to measure brand standard compliance and improve brand identity. By monitoring your brand identity on a regular basis, our Auditing Specialists can provide detailed insight and identify areas of improvement.


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