Recent statistics from The Retail Bulletin show that consumers are happy to keep spending in-store and online.

Consumers don’t feel that they have to stick to one format or the other. 44% of consumers that received a positive shopping experience whilst in-store returned at a later date and 28% of these were so happy with the experience that they also ordered online from the retailer. In addition, customers that enjoyed their shopping experience online led to 30% of consumers to visit and spend in the physical store.

Positive customer journeys are vital in the success of every retailer through physical stores, online shopping sites and customer contact centres. Each step needs to be clear, easy and enjoyable for the consumer. All it takes is for one part of the customer journey to fall below the customers’ expectations to risk losing the sale and ultimately the consumer.

Customer experience consultancy Douglas Stafford work with many of the world’s most recognised brands and retailers conducting mystery shopping and training programmes to increase customer satisfaction and increase sales.

“Every programme Douglas Stafford provides its clients is bespoke and tailored to their exact needs,” says Madelaine Cook, Account Operations Director at Douglas Stafford. “As a result, we can provide a cost effective programme for the client that provides valuable and measurable results to ensure our clients are successful in generating sales and improving customer service confidence.”

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