Whilst housekeeping audits may seem a bit too much for small businesses, regular housekeeping audits promote workplace safety, boost employee morale and increase customer satisfaction.

Housekeeping audits are often broken down into different categories and may include a variety of front of house areas that the customer will have access to, as well as employee only areas such as kitchens, staff rooms and storage areas.

Different industries will require different categories and you may have areas of housekeeping that are very important in your business, but might not be as important in another. Creating a bespoke housekeeping audit will ensure that your business is keeping up with the highest standard at all times.

Whilst housekeeping audits can be completed internally, especially when you are based at a single location, what happens when you expand or you have more than one location to keep up with? Your team will be highly trustworthy, but sometimes standards can slip even with the best of intentions. Employees often become accustomed to their environment and can view areas through blinkers, missing the simplest of things such as a broken light bulb or weeds on the pathway. However, you can guarantee that your customers will notice this straight away.

Using an external auditing agency, such as Audit Nationwide, will provide you with an unbiased view of your housekeeping standards. Auditors will be a fresh pair of eyes and by visiting your locations on a regular basis, will develop a strong relationship with your teams to aid in improving housekeeping standards.

Quite often, when employees are aware that an auditor could walk through the door any day, the broken lightbulb that was forgotten will be changed straight away!

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