The long-running Consumer Confidence Index decreased in November 2016 down to -8

The Retail Bulletin noted that the index which measures the general economic situation of the country as well as measuring expectations saw both levels falling into the -20s. With the Christmas period now over and the sales season slowing down, the year ahead is likely to be difficult for businesses, therefore good customer service will be more important than ever to secure sales in the retail industry.

However, retailers can boost their sales and gain resilience to the economic climate if their customer service levels are high and their staff well trained.

Customer experience specialist Douglas Stafford work with many of the world’s most recognised brands and retailers conducting mystery shopping and training programmes to increase customer satisfaction levels.

“Every programme Douglas Stafford provides its clients is bespoke and tailored to their exact needs,” says Madelaine Cook, Account Operations Director at Douglas Stafford.

“As a result, we can provide a cost effective programme for the client that provides valuable and measurable results to ensure our clients are successful in generating sales and improving customer service confidence.”

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