Similarly to performing an audit on your financials on a regular basis, you will also need to conduct regular audits of your housekeeping policies and procedures. The results can be used to improve your standards compliance and strengthen brand recognition.

Your brand image can suffer if locations are untidy, poorly maintained and neglected. Your customers may take it as a sign of poor quality in your service and products as this is what they can easily see and identify, which may then result in lost sales and poor customer feedback.

At the same time, any attempt to improve the quality of your offerings can be thwarted by a dishevelled warehouse, offices, manufacturing plant or retail floor. It may result in employees becoming demoralized, which can decrease both the quality of their work and their productivity.

A regular auditing programme to monitor your housekeeping compliance standards can prevent poor impressions of your business, keep employees safe and keep customers coming back to visit and buy from your business.

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