If you are anything like me, every time you go out, buy something or have a level of interaction with a person who is trying to sell you something or provide a service, I bet you think about how good their customer skills are, not their salesmanship.

Do they try and build a relationship with you, or are they just going through the motions of attempting to sell without any attempt to be “your friend”, are they too focused on the sale? Many American car salespeople are extremely bad at it, you would have thought they would be the best. When you walk onto their Car-Lot one of the first questions is, “Are you thinking of buying today?” Why don’t they say something that starts the process of relationship building, “It’s really cold today, do you want me to get you a coffee?” There are so many things to say/ask that improves our interpersonal skills and starts to build the relationship.

Why can’t more people who are in a customer-facing role be better at building long-term relationships? After all, we want a service provided by someone we warm to, we want to say that was a great person to deal with, we want to be liked and feel that we want to go back time-after-time. We want people to know who we are, what our name is and use it every time we return.

When did you hear someone say, the person who I dealt with was a great salesperson; we might say he/she was really nice, good, pleasant, great to do business with, to deal with, they really helped us, you should go and see them.

From our extensive research that we collect by conducting many thousands of Mystery Shopping projects each month, we are amazed how low the measurements relating to customer interactional skills are.

We find the people who are very good at relationship building, with great customer interaction skills, are more successful in selling or providing a great service than many others who just focus on the sale and don’t work on their Key Interaction Skills.

Let’s make 2017 a year where we become better at becoming our customers’ friends and work on those behavioural and customer service skills, not only will you enjoy every day more, you will be amazed how you will feel better within yourself, sell more and earn more.

If you need any help talk to one of my Account Directors about KIM, our Key Interpersonal Measurement included in our Mystery Shopping programmes.

Nigel Cook

Founder & CEO | Douglas Stafford

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