Sometimes you need to step back and see your restaurant from your customers’ point of view. What do they really see when they step into your restaurant?

  • Is the front entrance and garden free from rubbish, with clean outside seating and freshly watered plants?
  • Are they met with a clear and organised host stand, with clean menus ready for your team to guide the customer to a table that is clean and ready with cutlery, napkins and glasses?
  • Is the bar clean and well stocked?
  • Are the toilets stocked and presentable?
  • Are the staff in clean, ironed uniforms?

When you work in the same building every day, you can get accustomed to small nuisances in the restaurant. The cleaning rota that you were just updating as a customer walked in, does get put to the side and then left there until the dinner rush is over. But really, it’s one of those things that shouldn’t be left out in sight. It’s the same with the staff rota, shift plans and much more that all front of house teams use on the restaurant floor that become unimportant the minute the customer walks in, but how does it look to the customer having to see an area of the restaurant cluttered with paperwork! With more restaurant’s to choose from, you want your customer to have the best first impression of your establishment rather than have them change their mind and walk to the restaurant next door.

Audit Nationwide work with many of the world’s most recognised brands within a range of sectors, and have done for over 27 years. Our experts will integrate within your brand to develop and provide a bespoke service to meet your requirements.

By highlighting areas within your restaurants that do not meet general housekeeping standards, Audit Nationwide can work with you and your locations to increase customer experience and sales whilst ensuring standards are maintained.

For solutions on how to improve housekeeping and increase sales or to book an appointment with one of our Auditing consultants, please call 02392 008 565 or contact us via our website here.

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