Recent reports have suggested that first-time buyers are facing renewed hope from lenders offering easier access to mortgages with a smaller deposit.

Hamptons International discovered that it would take an average single first-time buyer 11 years and nine months to save a 15% deposit. Reducing the deposit down to 10% cut the time down to 8 years and if only a 5% deposit was required, it could be saved within 4 years! Increasing the availability of lending with a higher loan-to-value mortgage has improved the ability for first-time buyers to get on the property ladder and is good news for a housing market that has cooled in recent months.

“A more first-time buyer orientated market is good news for all as new buyers help start chains and allow others to move up the housing ladder – vital for a properly functioning property market”. Richard Sexton, Director at e.surv.

With more first-time buyers looking for their first home, how are you meeting their needs?

Customer experience specialist Douglas Stafford has worked with many of the world’s most recognised brands within the property sector for over 27 years, conducting customer experience and process evaluation programmes such as, mystery shopping, customer satisfaction, auditing and training. Every programme that Douglas Stafford provides to its clients is bespoke and tailored to their exact needs, providing a cost effective programme that provides valuable and measurable results to ensure our clients are successful in generating sales and improving customer service confidence.


“Our programme highlights how well our team builds relationships with potential home owners, showing their passion and enthusiasm for the brand”.

“Our Account Team at Douglas Stafford are friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. They provide us with the tools to monitor the training and development of our teams.”

“From the day you walk onto a Bellway development to the moment we hand over the keys, we undertake to provide the best possible customer service. Douglas Stafford provides us with a unique view of the customer’s first thoughts and impressions when walking onto a Bellway location”. Maria Seed, Group Sales Director.


For solutions on how to increase customer experience levels and boost sales or to book an appointment with one of our customer experience consultants, please call 02392 852 914 or contact us via our website here.

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