January 2017

If you are anything like me, every time you go out, buy something or have a level of interaction with a person who is trying to sell you something or provide a service, I bet you think about how good their customer skills are, not their salesmanship.

Do they try and build a relationship with you, or are they just going through the motions of attempting to sell without any attempt to be “your friend”, are they too focused on the sale? Many American car salespeople are extremely bad at it, you would have thought they would be the best. When you walk onto their Car-Lot one of the first questions is, “Are you thinking of buying today?” Why don’t they say something that starts the process of relationship building, “It’s really cold today, do you want me to get you a coffee?” There are so many things to say/ask that improves our interpersonal skills and starts to build the relationship.

The European Vacation Travel website shows some key insight into why you should audit.

“It is difficult to investigate and survey your own hotel, you are too close to the action, and it serves the process better to outsource to auditing companies with the expertise to follow your instruction and survey aspects of your hotel that you wish to test out.