Toyota GB’s Marketing Director, Andrew Cullis, recently spoke to Marketing Week following the launch of their UK ad campaign for the new Toyota C-HR. Andrew warns that retailers need to achieve the fine line between ease of purchase and the right level of customer service.

“There’s no reason why Amazon won’t soon start selling cars. We do a lot of customer research and it’s clear a simpler ecommerce buying experience is what a lot of drivers crave.”

So how can you ensure that you have the right balance between process and experience? Our sister company, Douglas Stafford has 27 years’ experience in the automotive industry providing evaluations and customer experience analysis. Using video mystery shopping as part of your programme gives you the unique visual material to evaluate the experience from the customer’s viewpoint within your dealerships. ‘KIM’ – Key Interpersonal Measurement, Douglas Stafford’s unique customer service evaluation and training tool, is included alongside the process evaluation. Scoring the advisor on interpersonal touchpoints throughout the sales process allowing you to compare the two.

It’s important to ensure that your sales process is being followed but in this age of online purchasing, it’s even more important to guarantee that your team are connecting with your customers on an interpersonal level.

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